Best Caravan Sealants To Use In 2021


To keep your caravan, campervan, and motor home safe from water damages, we at Keep Travelling Caravan provide waterproofing services. When we reseal a component we remove the part, clean the part and the surface it is attached to, we then re-seal the part. This process ensures it is sealed correctly. We also water test to ensure your van is ready to go when you pick up.

Our qualified tradesman are well-experienced and knowledgeable in sealing and resealing as it is a major part of our job.

Here is what we do to waterproof your caravan and keep it water-resistant:

  • Complete roofs
  • Windows
  • Roof and side hatches
  • Front boots

Simply contact us and we can book you in for your water proofing.

Best Caravan Roof Leak Sealants