Professional Caravan Services


Regular servicing is vital for safety. Have your caravan, campervan or motor home regularly and professionally serviced to travel stress free. At Keep Travelling Caravan Repairs, quality components are used when parts require replacement.

Our team of tradesman are well-experienced in servicing caravans, campervans and motor homes, giving you the confidence the service is completed to the highest of standards.

Servicing for caravan, campervan and motor homes Includes:-

  • Clean and inspect all brake components, adjustment brakes and hand brake
  • Clean and inspect wheel bearings, re-pack and replace seals
  • Tyre inspection for uneven wear
  • Inspect and lubricate all suspension components for wear and fatigue
  • Inspect chassis rails, cross-members and A-Frame for corrosion and fatigue
  • Test plumbing system for water leaks
  • Test External and internal lights
  • Inspect roll out awning
  • Drain and flush Hot Water System, inspect anode if required
  • Inspect for water leak damage
  • Lubricate drop down legs and antenna
  • Test break away system
Spare Parts Camper Trailer Repairs in Oak Flats

If there are any issues we believe need to be addressed while your caravan, campervan or motor home is being serviced we will call and let you make the choice to have it repaired straight away or at a later date. We do provide a report after the completion of every service.

So, feel free to contact us so that we can easily schedule an appointment for your next service